How to save earth from aliens invasion

Today, we’ll learn how to fight, how to protect ourself, how to be a real man ! Are you ready ? These kinds of tutorials are all over the web, you can therefore learn cooking, making up, building houses… It’s very educational and you can learn a lot of things in order to become a smarter person.

But you can also find weird videos on the dark web like this strong man who is going to teach you a primordial lesson for survival. First you need to get dressed, very dressed, extremely dressed… Just count how many layers of clothe this guys is wearing ! I swear he is more well equipped than those soldiers who fight in Syria, even a bazooka can’t go through him.

But wait, hold your breath because this hero is a true warrior and he is going to show it by slashing this redoubtable bottle of coke in a matter of seconds. Brace yourself, he trained for years and all his life’s purpose remain on this crucial moment, savour it, time has come to unleash his all mighty power against this bottle that took his family in hostage. He must succeed on their behalf and avenge them with one quick and precise movement. And… He missed, how if this even possible ?! It was a huge bottle of 2.5 liters not a can of 25cl. Calm down, don’t worry failure does not exist in this legend’s vocabulary, he will retry and this time it is the right take, he will not falter, all this unbearable thrill is going to end only one true winner will stand, this bottle will regret being made, this samurai had always preferred Pepsi. Then… He succeeded, that was so unexpected, quick and intense like the gesture of a ninja, I bet all my money on the bottle ! I must concede it, he was stronger than I thought. It was so majestic the way he finished by stabbing his katana on the table, it represents Excalibur’s sword.

I hope you found his explanations useful, if you don’t you’re not human and above all don’t hesitate to check his other masterpieces creations with the likes of how to act in case a burglar breaks in into your house and you are hidden with your saber or various techniques to handle every weapons possible and tested on very dangerous and harmful wooden sticks in his garden’s yard. Believe me this man know everything about sticks swords and fashion, our new messi just await to be recognized as its fair value. He invented this new art and at the moment it is yet unmatched by any other combat that had aver existed.

In conclusion don’t forget to get armed and together we can fight the most feared and hated ennemy on the entire universe : coke bottles, the whole future of our existence depends on it ! But I hope you liked it as much I enjoyed making it. Stay safe and goodbye ( little disclaimer : I’ll never come back again ).


How to become a worldwide famous star


Today we are going to surf on a brand new trend : reactional videos. Even if some make great content like Fine Brothers and they messed up with their react world copyright intentions, you’ll see newcomers that are far worse than the actual rising stars like Pyrocynical, LeafyIsHere or h3h3.

Their main goal is to criticize videos by pointing out valid points and on a daily basis in order to entertain us, even though it is a controversial double edge sword that can lead to hatred towards those discussed channels or on the contrary lead to an exponential growth of popularity that otherwise would in any case happen, but this is not our topic.

So let’s go deep inside and take a closer look at this man’s channel called review movie world. I stop you right there, this isn’t what you think. Erase the wonderful movie world park out of your head ! This is totally different, it’s from another dimension that emerged .

First when you look at his background you know it’s a green screen behind, but his introduction for god sake is literally word for word the description of the synopsis, this is not a reaction and it took him 2/5 of his video to do it ! Then theist is yet to come, his reaction is so epic, his overreaction amazed me, give him right away the oscar of the best actor, this is with no doubt the next DiCaprio. He just said 15 words on the trailer and the introduction or the outro alone last longer, I’m done ! Sometimes when a copy strike occurred for the use of a few seconds, it is unfair, here there was absolutely any value added contents that are useful. Where is the world going ?

Nowadays those minimalists videos are called reactions, it was better to let us see the trailer in full size. On top of that he made this obnoxious thing that fully fills his video so if by misfortune you click on it, it will redirect you on another video of the same quality content or in the worse case make you subscribe to a channel. The other person that is doing this is anyone other than Riceprank himself : Riceman. Everything leads to believe their kindred link as asian cousins. I’m a good person and I’ll stop then pain now rather than showing you his reaction to babies where his face is alike to fishes in Nemo showing his triple chin and ready to die by throwing up and choking himself in his vomit because that’s the thing you think about reactions on babies. Plus his introduction he didn’t put is a copy paste of a basic animation and he just added the most beautiful catchphrase ever : let’s ready for fun. I don’t know you but I’m fully ready to experience his incredible abomination that had ever been created on earth. To conclude I think I’m going to see this movie, he just convinced me but until next time have a fantastic day and see you.

Happy mother’s day

Today i was browsing the web to find the finest creation ever made by mankind and this is what i can conlude : WE ARE DOOMED !!!

Prank… What a crazy trend on youtube, what an excuse what a light word ! I don’t know why everyone is leaning towards that, maybe a reason could be the number of view. Indeed they are currently the most watched videos but a lot of them are gone too far in order to create buzz. There are so many filthy, bad cringy pranks, it’s crazy they are uncountable! You may know the terrorist prank or the hijacker kidnap you and kill your friend frostly right in front of you. These pranks are too extreme and even if they meet success it is at a controversial cost. They are sometimes funny but so many of them are gone too far, too wrong, too unaesthetic. So much prankers want to make themselves a name but their pranks are simply not of good taste, all they do is offensive, cringeworthy and messed up alike content. It’s an unhealthy trend similar to the guide to how to flirt with girls which has finally died out and this will also soon apply to this with the example of some famous pranksters who decided to quit the world of youtube.

Now we will talk about an ambitious young chinesse man who got some brilliants ideas such as pranking his own mom about his suicide as soon as she goes back to home. This phenomenon had some ideas which revolutionalized our society like asking to a man if he can punch him into his face for a social experiment but in the end it turned out the other guy bach the asian with his fist which broke one of his many teeth. If you want to prop this man i can send you his donation link to help this poor man for some tooth care. This man is around for an already two full years and is still wearing the same clothe, i think he hasn’t got enough money to change. Even if a lot of prank are fake this one is genius! Einstein’s level of thinking. If you are his mother and go back to home after work, you have any ideas finding your twenty years only son hanged out. You can see how she fainted and he came to tell her that all this was mere shenanigans. He said that his mother laughed and enjoyed this, she should be absolutely proud of his child that did a hilarious prank about ending his life back at home when she bashed her head onto the ground. This is without any doubt the next eddie murphy. He has also recently desactivated his video rating, stipulating he received too much positive feedbacks and therefore don’t want to spread this marvellous idea which can only be performed by professionals. In conclusion kids, don’t ever do drugs or you’ll end like this man plentiful of insprations. I’ll see you in a next article but until then take care of yourself and bye.